Gratitude Yogic Spirals

Kat Tudor will be leading two Yogic Spirals for the Be Conference.
The first one is on Thanksgiving day (November 25th) at Red Rock Canyon @ 2:00pm (map). We will meet in the far east parking lot near the entrance.
The second Yogic Spiral, the Blue Sky Earth Spiral, will take place at Cottonwood Hot Springs on Saturday the 27th @ 2:30pm (map).

If you are interested in staying the night at Cottonwood Hot Springs, please
call Enrique at (7109)-200-4391

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What is a Yogic Spiral


A Yogic Spiral is a group yoga meditation where the participants form an uninterrupted spiral. The ordering of people in the spiral is by men and woman and zodiacal sign. The spiral turns anti-clockwise, which is the yang sense of rotation. The yang rotation sends the energy spiraling out into the world.